Thursday, April 09, 2009

Paganello - Day 0

Safely arrived in Rimini, I am blogging on my balcony of the Hotel Bikini looking down at the beach and the frisbee central tents. It is somewhat windy, sunny, and pretty chilly, maybe reaching 60, but that is a reach.

Jim and I met at Logan airport for our 5:30 flight yesterday to CDG (Paris). 6.5 hours, an hour of heavy turbulence, 1.5 ambien, on and off sleep later, we arrived in Paris at 6AM. After we landed, we discovered that Jessica from Lady Godiva was also on our flight along with Sasha from North Carolina who had flown through Boston (talk about a long day). A REALLY long walk to terminal 2D to our next plane and we arrived with no problem in Bologna at 9AM. Jim, Sasha and I hadn't checked bags so we quickwalked to the bus to center town, caught it just as it was leaving and made the 10AM train to Rimini which arrived around 11:30AM. It seemed like we were the first people here. We walked everywhere and it was a total ghost town. After having lunch at an Indian restaurant (had to compare their chicken korma to Punjab in Arlington, very different but also good), we separated and Jim and I relaxed back at the hotel. After hearing that trains might be sold out going back to Bologna Tuesday, we walked to the train station to buy tickets for the 6AM train (it is going to be a LONG day) and then headed out to the beach for the Juniors clinic where we did drills with local Italian youth interested in ultimate. Back to the hotel, showered, and now ready to party. Part of the team requirement was for each person to pick up a bottle of alcohol in duty free. Naturally, I got a bottle of Calvados, of which I'm sipping a very small glass right now. Separately, I started the latest Ender novel, Ender in Exile, and finished it on the train and lent it to Sasha who has the same return flights through Boston again. Off to the opening ceremonies.

Well, I wasn't able to post this last night because I lost the internet connection, so now I can add last night's details. We started at the hotel making various mixed drinks with the duty-free booze. 7-up ended up being a great mixer for Calvados. We went out to the beach around 7PM only to find out that the party/dinner/free wine wasn't happening until 9. To make a long story short, free wine at the expo, pasta dinner, The Barge (bar between the hotel and the party). 2 out of 11 people had problems with regurgitation (so far, we haven't checked in with the other two rooms), none of which was me. Good thing we don't have a game until 12:30PM...